In a classical ballet classroom, everything is designed for a purpose. One of those things is dress code. This aids the teacher in seeing at a glance the training needs of each student. This involves correction from head to toe so that the students may reach their personal best by getting immediate feedback, which otherwise would be difficult to provide. It also gives students an environment where they will learn discipline, respect, and self-confidence.

All attire may be purchased at our local dance store Strictly Workout Wear, or online at Discount Dance.

  • Leotard: each level is assigned uniform color:

    • Petite: Ballet pink​

    • Beginning Level: Lavender

    • Level I-A: Forest Green

    • Level I-B: Royal Blue

    • Level II: Teal

    • Level III: Eggplant (Free dress on Saturday class)

    • Level IV-V: Burgundy (Free dress on Saturday class)

    • Adults: Free dress

  • Tights: pink

  • Shoes: pink canvas

  • Boys: fitted white or black shirt, black tights, black or white canvas ballet shoes with matching socks

  • Hair: hair must be pulled back with in a secure bun or french twist. Watch this video for a tutorial on how to to a proper bun and other appropriate hairstyles for ballet class.

  • Warm-ups: only ballet designed warm-ups allowed during the winter. NO STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED EVER.

  • Skirts: only teacher-approved skirts for levels III, IV, & V. No skirts allowed for levels Beginning Ballet-Level II. Petite level is allowed to wear tutus or skirts. 

  • Character class: black character skirt, only approved types of character shoes. Russian genuine leather character shoes (Handmade Russian character shoes are encouraged to be purchased through the studio because they are specifically designed for comfort and durability to benefit dancers’ performance.) American "character shoes" are painful and not meant for what we do. Your dancer will be very uncomfortable. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE. Please consult with teacher before purchasing shoes. Dancers may get sized at Strictly Workout Wear.

  • Progressing Ballet Technique ® and Stretch/Conditioning Class: Ballet attire with convertible tights that can be rolled up to the lower calf, no loose clothing, and hair in a high bun. NO STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED.

  • Jewelry: small earrings are permitted — no necklaces, no rings, chains, watches, or bracelets allowed.

  • Rehearsals: Levels III-V must wear black leotards and pink tights for Saturday rehearsals.


Dress code enforcement policy:

Students must be in dress code to participate in class. Students not in proper attire will be required to observe class. Missed classes for dress code violations will not be prorated in the event that there is no make-up class available in the appropriate level.



These hairstyles are Temecula Ballet approved hairstyles for class. PBT class students must wear their hair in a high bun. 


Students must be placed into a level by taking a placement test prior to registering for classes.


Temecula Ballet recommends looking through the Class Schedule to choose classes first, and then locate them in the drop-down menu in the Parent Portal. Please look through the required and suggested classes below before choosing classes for your student(s):


Beginning Ballet — 1-2 ballet classes (required), Beginning Character, Beginning Acro

Level I-A — 2 ballet classes (required), Beginning Character, Beginning Acro

Level I-B — 2 ballet classes (required), PBT® (required), Character 1 (required), Acro 1

Level II — 3 ballet classes (required), Character 2 (required), and PBT®, Acro 1

Level III — 3 ballet classes (required), Character 2 (required), and PBT®, Contemporary, and Jazz

Level IV — 4-5 ballet classes (required), Character 3 (required), PBT®, Contemporary, and Jazz


Students who are unable to meet the class requirement for their level will be considered part of the Elective Dance Program and not take part in our Academy Level Curriculum. This is not discouraged, but may prevent advancement to higher levels. Students in the Elective Dance Program are not guaranteed to move up a level, go en pointe, or stay with their age group. Enrolling your student in the required classes to be in the Academy Level Curriculum ensures that your student will progress and grow as a dancer. 



Parents may elect to sign-up for Auto-pay for tuition payments. You card will automatically be charged the balance on your account on the 6th of every month. This is a great option for avoiding late fees! Tuition is due on the first of every month. Temecula Ballet gives you 5 days to pay tuition. Accounts that have not paid tuition by the 5th of the month will incur a $25 late fee to their account that will be due with tuition. Avoid these late fees and sign-up for Auto-pay from your parent-portal today!

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